Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Verizon Data Center - Bigger Economic Impact than Niagara Falls?

By David Gross

The town of Somerset, NY held a hearing last night on re-zoning land on Lake Ontario for Verizon's planned 500,000 square foot data center. The $5 billion capital investment referenced in the video below includes all the servers and network equipment over 20 years, actual building and land costs are expected to be $560 million. Nonetheless, it's touted in the story as "one of the biggest economic development projects in Western New York History", which seems a little odd when you consider there's a 2.5 Gigawatt power plant 40 minutes away at Niagara Falls.

The facility will be located next to Lake Ontario, about 20 miles northeast of Yahoo's new Lockport data center, and 45 miles northeast of Buffalo.

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