Sunday, October 17, 2010

One More Analyst Might Need "A Little More Color"

By David Gross

One of the silliest questions sell-side analysts ask is "could you provide a little more color?"   It's usually put out there because they need to update a model, need to understand something that's well beyond their limited operational experience, or somehow can't seem to get "could you provide more detail?" out of their mouths, and revert to an odd metaphor.

I bring this up because the roster of analysts covering this sector keeps growing, with the latest being Dougherty and Company, who has picked up a good portion of the services sector including EQIX, RAX, and SVVS.   Paolo over at Nortia Research has a link to Dougherty's thoughts on EQIX.   I don't know if the Dougherty people speak Analyst, and if they will in fact ask for "more color", but let's hope they bring some more insightful coverage than we saw two weeks ago, when downgrades came en masse after EQIX warned.

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