Wednesday, October 27, 2010

25 New Ethernet Exchange Customers for Telx and Equinix

By David Gross

Things had gotten a little quiet on the Ethernet Exchange front the last couple weeks, but Equinix announced an expansion of its service today, while Telx reported yesterday that it had added nine providers to its exchange.

Aside from giving an interview to Heavy Reading, Equinix had been very quiet the last month as CENX, Telx, and Neutral Tandem announced new customers and new cities for their Ethernet Exchange services.   That changed today, when the colocation provider announced 16 new customers for its exchange, bringing its total to 38. 

Carrier Ethernet Exchanges, based on handing over traffic through the use of the Metro Ethernet Forum's E-NNI standard, first launched just over a year ago, and have largely been limited to major markets like New York, Los Angeles, Washington, Tokyo, and London.   However, they are now moving beyond world capitals and mega-regions and into more foreign locations.   Equinix announced today that it will be expanding its service to Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, Hong Kong, Miami, Seattle, Singapore, Sydney, Toronto and Zurich in the first half of 2011.

Separately, Telx announced yesterday that it has added nine partners to its Ethernet Exchange, including KDDI and Intellifiber.    The company has partnered with Neutral Tandem to reach over 20 sites across the country.    Both Equinix and Telx compete against CENX, which was co-founded by Neutral Tandem co-founder Ron Gavillet.

Telx also reported that it will be presenting on the Ethernet Exchange panel at next month's Light Reading Ethernet Expo, and I'm sure we'll be hearing more from Exchange providers over the next few weeks.

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