Friday, October 8, 2010

Telx Ethernet Exchange Nominated For Award

By David Gross

If you think there have been a lot of press releases about Ethernet Exchanges in the last week, expect a lot more over the next month leading up to LightReading's Ethernet Expo.   Everyone in this market is trying to speak up and let it be known that they're the leader for this rapidly evolving service.

Telx hit the wire yesterday announcing that its service had been nominated, that's right nominated, hasn't won anything yet, for LightReading's "Leading Lights" award for best new telecom service.   While that's good for Telx, it has a very tough competitor in CENX, and will need to continue to work closely with its interconnection partner Neutral Tandem (TNDM) to reach additional POPs in markets where it doesn't have co-lo facilities.    And if they issue a PR for being nominated, can only imagine what they'll do if they win.

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