Saturday, October 23, 2010

Verizon Business Wins Part of $76 Million Cloud Computing Contract from GSA, Will Host at Terremark

By David Gross

Verizon Business announced yesterday that it had won a contract award from the U.S. General Services Administration for a portion of a 5 year, $76.5 million cloud computing contract.   The servers and equipment will be hosted at the Terremark NAP of the Capital Region in Culpeper, VA, and NAP of the Americas in Miami.

Verizon Business is based in Ashburn, VA, a mile away from the large cluster of Ashburn data centers on Filigree Court and Beaumeade Circle.   However, since Terremark built its facility out in Culpeper, which is 60 miles further away from Washington than Ashburn, it has become an attractive location for Federal customers who want to be further away from key terrorist targets in the DC area.   Ashburn, as a result, is firming up its position as a hub for commercial websites and technology vendors such as Amazon, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Rackspace, and, rather than the government.

Verizon announced in June that it had leased 25,000 square feet from Terremark in Culpeper and Miami.

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  1. I am quite interested on how Verizon will implement this cloud computing project. The structure on how it will integrate a phone system is to be determined.


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