Tuesday, November 23, 2010

nlyte Software Raises $12 Million C Round

By David Gross

A month after Emerson announced its Trellis DCIM, or Data Center Infrastructure Management platfrom, nlyte Software, which makes capacity planning tools for data centers, recently announced it had raised a $12 million C round.    Whatever the valuation was, investors surely must have been encouraged by Emerson's $1.2 billion acquisition of Avocent last year.

While often mixed together with feel good PR about making data centers more green, DCIM tools are increasingly being used to bring some order and structure to the often chaotic process of building out data centers.   In nlyte's case, it holds a patent on a method of allocating servers into racks.   

While I don't like all the greenwashing that's going on with DCIM products, they do have the potential to improve the IRR on corporate investments in data center assets, both from their ability to track assets, as well as by enabling data centers managers to plan more efficiently.

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