Tuesday, November 2, 2010

BOB Joins Neutral Tandem Ethernet Exchange, COLT Joins CENX

By David Gross

In the last post, I mentioned that it should be a good week for Ethernet Exchange press releases with the LightReading Ethernet Expo event taking place now in New York, and I have a couple more to add.

First, Neutral Tandem announced BOB, or Business Only Broadband, as the first fixed wireless customer to come into its Ethernet Exchange.    BOB provides service in Chicago and New York.

Separately, CENX announced that Colt, a European telecom provider, had connected to its Ethernet Exchange in London.   CENX, Equinix, and Neutral Tandem (which is partnering with Telx for Ethernet Exchange services) are all rushing to announce customers as this service enters its second year.    And the competition is among companies who know each other well - CENX co-founder Ron Gavillet was also the co-founder of Neutral Tandem.

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