Wednesday, April 20, 2011

FiberMedia To Become a Bigger Factor in the New York Market

By Lisa Huff

I recently had the privilege of sitting down with FiberMedia’s senior VP of sales and head of global operations and get a tour of its new co-location and managed services data center in Secaucus, New Jersey. Luckily for FiberMedia, this property was originally one of TD Waterhouse’s data centers so not much renovation was needed before it could be opened so it was brought on-line quickly. The other new data center is in Westchester, New York. These add to FiberMedia’s four other data centers in Jersey City, NJ, Brooklyn, NY, New York City and Cleveland, OH.

Fiber Media prides itself on customizing solutions for its customers with flexible data center designs that manage their bandwidth. The Secaucus facility is carrier neutral with multiple fiber connections. Carriers include some of the largest telecommunications companies in the world as well as smaller regional providers. Among them are  AboveNet, AT&T, Cogent, Fibernet, Global Crossing, Hibernia, Keyspan, Level 3, Qwest, RCN, Sprint, Telia, Verizon and XO Communications.

The Secaucus data center is currently 32,000 square-feet with another 8,000 for expansion. It has two points of entry so customers have less traffic past their areas. The data center is SAS70 certified. FiberMedia has customers that cross several vertical markets including financial, media, content delivery/distribution networking (CDN) and healthcare.

FiberMedia recently received an infusion of cash from a new strategic partner, The Stevens Group, LLC and it seems that with this new partnership has attracted top new talent as well. In the last six months, it has made several new hires – CEO, CFO and VP of Sales all of which have extensive experience in other IT services businesses.

FiberMedia appears to have a very specific plan for its co-location and managed services business. In addition to its two new data centers, it released a new managed cloud service. I have to admit that on the surface, this looked like just a lot of marketing hype to me, but after speaking with John Panzica, VP of Sales, about it, I understand that it’s not just your run-of-the-mill service. What it allows its customers to do is to totally manage their compute and storage demands remotely on the fly. I’m not sure any other company is offering this – at least I haven’t heard this from anyone else, yet.

Before this visit, I had heard of FiberMedia, but didn’t really think they were much of a player in the New York marketplace. Now, based on their willingness to invest capital to build state-of-the-art data centers and to provide differentiated managed services, I believe they may give the other co-los a run for their money.


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