Monday, December 27, 2010

PAETEC Opens 5th Data Center in Milwaukee

By David Gross

With the Cincinnati Bell-Cyrus One and Windstream-Hosted Solutions deals of the past year, we've seen growing interest in the data center market among independent telcos.   But many CLECs aren't just providing connectivity into facilities, they're expanding their own regional data center offerings.   Paetec, which at $1.5 billion in annual revenue is one of the larger remaining CLECs, recently announced it had opened its 5th data center, a 92,000 square foot project in Milwaukee.

The new facility is Paetec's first in the Midwest, and is targeted at businesses throughout the region, from Chicago to St. Louis to Minneapolis.  The company's existing buildings are in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Texas, and is plans to expand to Arizona next year.

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