Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mellanox Revenue up 58% year-over year, F5 up 46% UPDATED

Mellanox (MLNX) and F5 (FFIV), both dependent on data centers and HPC both reported strong revenue growth today, with Mellanox's top line up 10% sequentially and 58% year-over-year, and F5 up 12% sequential and 46% y/y.   But the similarities end there.  Mellanox guided for a 7% revenue decline next quarter due to product mix, while F5 guided up, 5% past current estimates.   After hours trading reflected these two very different outlooks for the upcoming quarter.

Mellanox blamed a shift in product mix from boards to chips, as it ramps up volumes of its silicon for LAN-on-Motherboard cards, which sell for far less than its InfiniBand HCAs.  Still, InfiniBand's share of Top500 Supercomputing interconnects is rising, from 30% in June 2009 to 36% in November 2009 to 42% in June 2010.   If this business is all going to QLogic (QLGC), we'll find out tomorrow, when that supplier reports.

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